You've made an excellent choice in wanting to learn more about Upright MRI. Recognized as the world's most "patient friendly" MRI, our state-of-the-art system is unlike any other. Not only is it completely bright and open, but its revolutionary design allows you to simply walk in and be scanned...no dark tubes...no tight, enclosed spaces...no claustrophobia...no sedation!

Upright MRI offers Multi-Positional Scanning for patients who are unable to lay flat for a conventional scan. We offer an upright seated position for all our spine and brain studies. Equally, exciting is the advanced technology behind the Upright MRI. Patients can be scanned in a variety of positions including sitting, and laying down. Even more importantly, with Upright MRI patients can be scanned in weight bearing positions (and in their position of symptoms) providing the most accurate picture of the spine and joints to pinpoint the problem.

Physicians- Learn why Flexion /Extension studies are important

Determining the cause of back or neck pain can be a complex task. Despite extensive evaluation with various traditional imaging modalities, the cause of pain cannot be definitively diagnosed in some patients. This is why a positional MRI (one with flexion and extension) views is important. Imaging the body in various positions with loading of the spine may lead to a more accurate diagnosis. This loading can occur by having the patient sit upright during the imaging study. In addition, the MRI can completed with the patient in the position(s) that cause the symptoms. Studies have shown that this is of great benefit when nerve root compression is suspected as well as in some cases of spondylolisthesis. With positional MRIs, weight-bearing can be simulated with the patient in an upright position using a special axial loading device.

Click to see how this flexion / extension study helped this hockey player.

  • Perform studies in flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral bending positions
  • Higher resolution and enhanced image quality compared to other "open" MRI scanners
  • Ability to perform prostate and prolapsed bladder exams in relaxed sitting position
  • Comfortable experience and much less confining (therefore, minimizing claustrophobia)
  • Watch T.V. during your scan
  • MRI machine has the ability to allow the patient to sit, or lay down during their scan (depending on the scan being done)

Why Go To Upright ?

Physicians across Fort Wayne love sending patients to upright MRI. Our results are fast, accurate and affordable for every patient.


Most Affordable MRI

Upright MRI is only $450. No referral is necessary. Contrast on a scan adds $100. Why pay thousands elsewhere for the same great results?